“Where Handmade Excellence Meets Cultural Heritage” is a splendid e-commerce venture, showcasing the unique creations of Turkish women entrepreneurs, village artisans, and visionary women.

From housewives to rural and entrepreneurial women across Turkey, this project is a part of a mission to bring traditional craftsmanship into the modern world.

This initiative is more than just an e-commerce platform; it’s a movement for change. is a unique project designed entirely for the development of women, providing an opportunity for women creators to showcase their dedicated and professional work on a global stage.

The site features a diverse range of handmade products, ranging from handwoven rugs with centuries-old traditions to special items crafted from clay. doesn’t just offer a shopping experience; it invites users on a cultural journey and allows them to explore the stories of these women.

As DIRIL, we take pride in being the creators of . 

This project is one of the most valuable pieces of our corporate structure, reflecting DIRIL‘s vision of supporting women entrepreneurship and fostering cross-cultural connections in the best possible way.

1. “Discover the Most Beautiful Stories Crafted by Hand at !”

2. “Where Women’s Touch Meets Traditional Art in the Modern World!”

3. “ : Unveiling Turkey’s Handmade Treasures to the World!”

4. “Traditional Turkish Handcraft, Delivered to Your Doorstep by !”

5. “Each Product Carries Thousands of Years of Heritage: Meet

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