**Bridging Continents, Connecting Cultures**



DIRIL takes immense pride in its venture, DIRIL NZ, operating proudly in
New Zealand.

This project is a testament to the high-quality products crafted in Turkey

finding their way to the secure shores of the island nation, New Zealand.

Simultaneously, top-notch products from New Zealand make their mark in the

Turkish market.

The primary objective of this initiative is to broaden the market

horizon between the two countries.

Beyond commerce, DIRIL NZ creates an opportunity for Turks residing in

New Zealand to reconnect with their roots, fostering cultural ties and opening doors

to business prospects. With a professional team established in New Zealand,

DIRIL NZ addresses specific needs with tailor-made solutions.

Moreover, providing opportunities related to Turkey to the Kiwi community is also

among the top social responsibility projects of DIRIL NZ in New Zealand.

Behind the structural success created in New Zealand stands the driving force,


1. “Bridging Nations, Crafting Excellence: DIRIL NZ

2. “From Turkey to New Zealand, Quality Redefined by DIRIL NZ!”

3. “DIRIL NZ: Connecting Cultures, One Product at a Time!”

4. “Trade without Borders, Thanks to DIRIL NZ!”

5. “DIRIL‘s Global Impact: Unveiling Excellence in New Zealand with DIRIL NZ!”

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